KAKOART Bruno’s Chocolate

KAKOART Bruno’s Chocolate is a Family  Company that was born from a dream. Our chocolate is certified organic, made with single-origin Trinitarian Cacao of fine aroma organically cultivated in the Peninsula of Osa, Costa Rica. Our farm uses only Organic and Sustainable Processes to generate a positive impact on earth changing the world’s history through its chocolate. We are USDA certified and Blue Flag in Costa Rica which is also a fair trade certificate, we are committed to propelling the industry forward to support the livelihood of farmers and families and instill fair business practices.

We started out as a purely organic company from the very beginning. This is because we care about the impact of our actions at all levels that we have on the environment. We also contribute to the social stability of Costa Rica by ensuring that the workers come from the region, that they are paid fair wages, and that social security payments are up to date.

In addition, we encourage farmers from the region to also farm organically. Therefore we offer courses and tours to help them understand better what it means to be an organic farm. Finally, we work together with the school from the village near our farm so that the children can learn more about cocoa and the production of chocolate. This is an agricultural and historical heritage to preserve!

We started as a very small family business.

A couple of years ago, Bruno started experimenting with recipes to finally create the perfect chocolate, right in our kitchen, and probably at around 2 a.m. With the support of his family, he slowly began to sell his chocolate after hours of packing each chocolate bar in his own home and making thousands of trips in his truck to bring the cocoa from our farm. 

We have now evolved into the company that we are now, our packaging, staff, and many other things might have changed.

But our love and dedication haven’t!

From our family to yours, we bring you the best chocolate in Costa Rica.

History and Awards

  • KAKOART Bruno’s Chocolate fue ganador del concurso de CACAO DE EXCELENCIA!


  • Finca Venecia fue galradonada con 4 estrellas de la Bandera Azul Ecologica.


  • AM/PM


  • Feria de Chocolate


  • Feria de Chocolate


  • Fresh Market.


  • Dia de Campo en Finca Venecia con la Cococa C.R.


  • Punto de Venta en la Feria del Agricultor de Heredia Mercedes Norte.


  • Clean and Fair Certification!


  • Alianza Cacao Clean and Fair

    Dia de Campo


Quality of our products

Our products are tree to bar, this means that we do everything from planting the cocoa tree, cultivating, fermenting and drying the cocoa, to the final product. In this way, we can guarantee high quality and organic cocoa.

Clean and Fair

The Clean & Fair certification promotes the production of clean and fair food that is available to consumers at a reasonable price. In turn, it supports producers and their communities in the development of sustainable businesses.

Certification issue date 06-30-2016

Bandera Azul

It was created with the objective of encouraging civil society to develop practices for the conservation and protection of natural resources and the health of the inhabitants. Helping to guarantee the control of compliance with environmental legislation.

The Agricultural Category was born in 2014, promotes the conservation of natural resources in productive systems, and stimulates the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Its main purpose is to combat climate change through comprehensive environmental management. The General Objective is to encourage the appeal of best practices for the sustainable management of natural resources in agricultural production.