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Each chocolate purchase comes with Organic and Ethically grown Cacao Beans.

KAKOART Bruno's Chocolate is a Family Business that started sharing its passion for chocolate in 2016! We have since then improved our packaging and increased the variety of our products. Our love and dedication for our farm, cacao, and chocolate just keep growing and we can't wait to share them with the world!

Lastly, we want to thank everyone that has supported us!
With every purchase, you're helping fulfill a dream!

History & Awards

KAKOART Bruno’s Chocolate won the CACAO OF EXCELLENCE in Costa Rica!

The Ecological Blue Flag!

The commission of the Ecological Blue Flag Program awarded the certification in the Agricultural Category With 4 white Stars to Finca Venecia Orgánica!

For its organization and development in accordance with the protection of the natural resources, the search for better hygienic-sanitary conditions, and the improvement in Costa Rican public health.

Brunca region, given in the year 2019!

Costa Rican Chocolate Fair!

Finca Venecia has been attending this Fair since 2017!

We entered the food chains Fresh Market and AM/PM.

Country Day at Finca Venecia

Together with Cacao, Clean & Fair Alliance.


A great success with more than 150 people!

Point of Sale at the Heredia Mercedes Norte Farmer’s Fair.


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Cocoa is one of the most important elements of the indigenous culture of Talamanque. In the Bribri language, it is known as Tsuru. According to the Talamanca indigenous worldview, it contains the soul, the spirit of the woman who was chosen by the god Sibö as his companion, his wife. He materialized it in a plant with the purpose of feeding his sons and daughters with the drink of its fruit, chocolate.

Chocolate is considered a sacred drink; It is used in the main rites and cocoa is found both in creation myths of the world and in traditional rites of passage (births, deaths, initiations, marriages), as indicated. In this sense, cocoa has been present in the history of the Talamanca indigenous population since time immemorial, being one of the main constants in the historical and mythological accounts of Talamanca. However, over time it has undergone a series of transformations that have been linked to the more general socio-cultural context of the society in which it has been immersed. Undoubtedly, this perspective of analysis used allowed to show the dynamism of culture, which is created and recreated from and in response to the changes or transformations that occur in its environment.


Kattia Acuña Sossa, Tsuru: cocoa in Alta Talamanca (2007)

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